Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean

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Sexual Chemistry - S3:E5

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Elsa Jean, a tiny adolescent, is obsessed with her ballet partner Jax Slayher. Elsa descends to her knees in order to pull out Jax's cock and shove every bit of it into her mouth that her little frame can manage after they have kissed passionately. But soon, it won't be enough to just fuck her man with her lips. Elsa forces Jax onto the ground and ascends on top of him, pushing aside the bottom of her tutu. She maintains complete control as she sets the tempo for the stiffie ride that takes place deep within her nude fuck hole by rocking her hips up and down. Things get pretty crazy when she eventually removes the tutu. Elsa gets up and utilizes the barre to maintain her equilibrium while Jax relentlessly hits her twat out of greed. Jax takes his pleasure, but not until she has had hers. He works Elsa's creamy pussy for a few more seconds, then pulls out and aims to drop his sperm all over her rounded bottom.